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If you are inside the HESI A2 test and not sure about what to put on a question like this, then yeah you are "up the creek without a paddle" as the saying goes, lol. So what should you do? Contact Dr. Adkins for a FULL explanation the macro-molecules, concepts in energy transformations, cellular respiration, and more. So the Correct Answer here is C.

This is a VERY TYPICAL question for HESI test but really for most standardize exams including the SAT, ACT, TEAS test, and others. To see Dr. Adkins and other Adkins Academy Instructors provide full explanations to these HESI quiz questions and many other type of HESI A2 questions, please subscribe to The Adkins Academy YouTube Channel. Select the link in the Upper Left Corner to subscribe to The Adkins Academy YouTube Channel now.

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