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Someone once said, "The reward for good is harder work." or something like that, lol. But this holds true for the NCLEX as it is a computer adaptive exam that gets harder with each additional correct answer you get. But if your are prepared correctly, then you have nothing to worry. With The Adkins Academy NCLEX-RN Review Course, you will learn the decision making process and learn how to manage your patient from triage to discharge to post-op care to home care to health promotions and beyond.

Though your patient is 37 year old and has a slightly increase risk of an abnormal pregnancy, indicating that she should be prohibited from having another child is not the correct approach as this is ultimately a decision the patient must make. Previous delivery of a normal neonate does not preclude your patient from having an abnormal fetus this time. The risk associated with each pregnancy are independent of one another. The question does not provide any indication that your patient had gestational diabetes. Furthermore, a multi-vitamin containing Folic Acid and Calcium is certainly recommended in normal patients seeking to get pregnant as folic acid does decrease the risk of spinal bifida.

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