Congratulations! You are taking the first steps into your nursing career. Your first hurdle before beginning your nursing school career is getting Exemplary or Advance scores on your TEAS exam and/or your HESI A2 exam. Nursing schools will use these scores to vet their incoming applicants, so you will want to make sure you are well prepared to take these tests. In fact, most ASN and BSN schools look for TEAS VI and HESI A2 scores in the 80s and 90s. While many schools will only require you to take one or the other exam, we recommend taking both to keep your options open.

So where do you start? It can be hard to begin studying for an exam when you don’t even know what you don’t know! That’s why we have created this FREE TEAS & HESI Mastery Quiz for the TEAS VI and the HESI A2 to help get you started. These free test questions are meant to be a tool for you to get a first look at what you can expect on your upcoming TEAS VI and HESI A2 exams. The questions you encounter on the TEAS & HESI Mastery Quiz are designed to be challenging and mirror what you will see on test day — including the curveballs that these tests are known to throw at you! Like you will see on test day, these questions were created to include real-life nursing scenarios that you may find yourself in later in your career, and in many cases, they will be harder than the questions you will actually be faced with on your TEAS V1 and HESI A2 exam!


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Do you struggle with time management on tests? Are you comfortable quickly eliminating irrelevant information to get to the right answer in record time? Learn more than just what the question is asking of you, master the strategies of how to break down the questions just the way they want you to.  Some questions on the TEAS VI and HESI A2 require you to think outside the box, and we’re here to show you exactly how! Get started with your free TEAS VI Quiz and free HESI A2 Quiz by clicking below!

Free TEAS & HESI Questions from The Adkins Acadamy TEAS & HESI Prep Course with the Best TEAS Tutor

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