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Are you ready to get your nursing career started? Do you want to attend nursing school? If so, sign up to take the TEAS VI exam today! This exam is a requirement for any nursing student wanting to further their education and career. Here at the Adkins Academy, we GUARANTEE that you will get a high score on your TEAS VI exam!

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LIVE Online TEAS 6 Test Prep Classes

The TEAS VI, otherwise known as the Test of Academic Skills, is one of the premier tests that any potential nursing student should take. However, it can be overwhelming if you are not thoroughly prepared. That is why the team here at Adkins Academy is available to help you succeed! Through our TEAS VI Test Prep course, we will help guide you through multiple different practice questions so you can actually learn the material. Other test prep courses focus on simply memorizing the solutions to each of the problems given, but Adkins Academy wants you to understand what you are answering. You will be using this in your day to day life as a nurse, so thoroughly learning the material is crucial! 

Another thing that makes this course stand out from the competition is our integration of different courses to ensure a holistic understanding of the material. As such, this course is divided into FIVE (5) TEAS 6 & HESI A2 classes:

  • Science

    • On the test, a total of 53 questions will be given over the course of over an hour. Content covered includes:

      • Human anatomy and physiology

      • Life and physical sciences

      • Scientific reasoning

  • English

    • On the test, a total of 28 questions will be given over the course of just under thirty minutes. Content covered includes:

      • Conventions of Standard English

      • Knowledge of language

      • Vocabulary acquisition

  • Reading

    • On the test, a total of 53 questions will be given over the course of just over an hour. Content covered includes:

      • Key ideas and details

      • Craft and structure

      • Integration of knowledge and ideas

  • Math

    • On the test, a total of 36 questions will be given over the course of just under an hour. Content covered includes:

      • Numbers and algebra

      • Measurement and data

  • Comprehensive Reviews

    • In this section, you will apply what you have learned so far through practice test questions taken from each section of the course.

The Adkins Academy Difference

Each class features a very challenging and high-yield set of questions that will be reviewed one-by-one and features the key concepts you absolutely need to know. Remember, this is information you will need to utilize for your entire career as a nurse.

Each class can last from 4 hours up to 8.5 hours with over 35 hours of real TEAS 6 study time. That means you will be learning and reviewing test material in a similar environment to the actual test. 

Remember this is NOT a lecture, we are going over hundreds of realistic TEAS VI questions during each small group LIVE online TEAS VI Test Prep class. Here at Adkins Academy, we believe not only in preparing students in real-life testing environments, but also in fully preparing our students for questions they might encounter on the actual TEAS VI test.

What is the Comprehensive Review Course?

The Comprehensive Review class is an Adkins Academy exclusive that we are proud to offer. It is a complete assessment of your knowledge and a full review of the concepts discussed throughout the entire TEAS 6 Test Prep Live Online Course. Here at Adkins Academy, we believe in making sure that all of our students understand the material given to them as much as possible. We want to make sure that all of our students pass the TEAS VI exam with flying colors, and courses such as the Comprehensive Review class can help us, and you, achieve that goal.

When to Start
Classes are offered every Sunday and Wednesday all year, so start with any Wednesday or any Sunday of your choosing. Sunday classes start at 3 pm EST and Wednesday classes start at 3 pm EST.

This means that you can start this Sunday or this Wednesday or 3 Sunday or 2 Wednesday from now, whenever you're ready. You will not find yourself falling behind; all of our classes are tailored to our students in mind, so you will begin understanding the material we teach no matter what stage in TEAS VI exam preparation you are in.

Can't do Sundays or Wednesdays or prefer more 1-on-1 sessions? No Problem, Dr. Adkins offers individualized off-schedule classes for clients. Make sure to give him a call to make an appointment with him as soon as possible to beat the rush!

One-on-One LIVE TEAS 6 Test Prep Office Hours with an Expert Tutor

Dr. Adkins and his team are available to take your questions via email, text message, or a direct phone call as you are studying. We believe that it is important to always be available to our students, no matter what the medium of communication or time. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have regarding the material, the test, or just life in general.

We are here to answer your questions from 9 am EST until 11 pm EST, so give us a call for your specific TEAS 6 test prep Math, English, Reading, or Science questions.

Dr. Adkins has written each of the very high-yield questions reviewed during the sessions. He has created these questions based on years of medical and test-taking experience, so you know these questions will be as comprehensive and accurate as possible. You will be so prepared, you might find the actual test to be easier than the classes!


TEAS VI Test Prep Practice Questions
Our TEAS Test Prep LIVE Online Prep Course also includes a four (4) week subscription to The Adkins Academy Question Bank and partner question banks that have been vetted by Dr. Adkins to enrich your study time. We believe that extra work outside of the classroom can help you further prepare for the TEAS VI test, and shows that you are truly committed to passing the exam. 


The TEAS 6 Test Prep LIVE Online Course Adkins GUARANTEE
The Adkins Academy TEAS 6 Test Prep Guarantee offers you the comfort of knowing we are committed to your SUCCESS. We do not want you to simply remember the information we give in our classes and not understand what they mean. We want you to succeed, and in order to succeed, total comprehension is needed.


Our TEAS 5 Test Prep Online Course offers an Adjusted Individual TEAS VI Score of 85 or better - the UPPER ADVANCED category - or you can take our entire course again for FREE.

Not only that, but all of our clients are limited to 1 FREE complete course remediation within 1 year of your last class if you do not pass the exam. We will work with you to try and identify where you went wrong so you can better prepare for your next try at the TEAS VI exam. At Adkins Academy, we want all of our students to comprehend the knowledge they are learning, not just be able to regurgitate information when needed.


The Adkins TEAS VI Prep Course With Other Exams

Our TEAS 6 & HESI Prep Course also covers content and strategies that will help you prepare for other Nursing Entrance Exams including the HESI, KAPLAN, NLN, PSB, NET, PAX, and other standardized exams for gaining admissions into nursing school. 


See what other clients like you are saying about our TEAS 6 Test Prep LIVE Online Course on our testimonials page! See how Adkins Academy has changed the lives of people just like you who wanted to pursue a career in nursing!


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